Shane Michael Taylor

At first glance, Shane Michael Taylor’s story may seem similar to that of many other country artists in the industry today. He had dreamed of pursuing a career in music since he was a young boy growing up in Waterbury, Connecticut. He enjoyed riding horses, listening to country greats like John Denver and Garth Brooks and eventually began writing his own lyrics. What audiences may not realize when they first listen to Shane’s songs; however, is that he has overcome more obstacles and adversity in his three decades than most people could imagine facing in a lifetime.


Shane navigates the world in a wheelchair. Everything from eating and showering to getting into bed requires the assistance of someone else. In addition, he struggles to communicate verbally as a result of being born with a severe form of Cerebral Palsy, a developmental disorder affecting movement, speech and posture. Making excuses, however, was never an option for Shane.


Shane taught himself to type with his nose at the age of five, at which point it became clear to everyone around him that he was not going to let his physical condition limit him in any way. “I learned to adapt to the world instead of letting it adapt to me,” he notes. “When I am faced with a challenge, I try to find something that works and I don't stop until I do."


After tackling typing, next up was learning how to balance. Shane was unable to sit upright and suffered frequent concussions as a result of always falling over and banging his head. At the suggestion of his mother, 6-year-old Shane began attending an after-school camp at a local equestrian farm in his hometown, where kids learned to care for, look after and ride horses. In 6 weeks the determined youngster went from “Humpty Dumpty,” as he refers back to himself as, to riding with little support. “One day I got to ride a horse in the farm’s annual show to ‘Standing Outside the Fire’ by Garth Brooks,” remembers Shane. “The song spoke to me.” It was that moment, and Shane’s newfound confidence, that ignited a passion for country music within him.  


Music then became an integral part of Shane’s life; from insisting that country radio be played when he got home from school to experimenting with writing his own lyrics in his teenage years, he was hooked. After years of struggling with communication, writing songs became a way for Shane to connect with others. Fueled by an unrelenting desire to shatter stereotypes and follow his dreams, Shane earned college degrees in both music business and sound recording at the University of New Haven and began making frequent visits to Nashville to co-write with prominent Music City songwriters like Lorna Flowers and Mason Douglas.


Now, after years of honing his craft, Shane Michael Taylor is releasing a debut album of his songs entitled, I Will Stand, available now here. Featuring top-notch vocalists like Clare Dunn, Mason Douglas, Josh Helms, Trent Jeffcoat and chart-topping pop icon Tiffany, this project includes 13 tracks all co-written by Taylor. Complete with songs about persevering through both the highs and lows of life (“Livin’ This Rodeo”), not overlooking small acts of kindness (“Everyday Heroes”) and knowing that lost loved ones are always with us (“Looking Up to You”), this album proves that Taylor has the songwriting chops to compete with today’s top tunesmiths.


When he is not writing songs, Shane tours the country as a motivational speaker encouraging people to never give up on their dreams, no matter how big or small they may be. He has also penned an audio-book, Living This Rodeo: A Journey from Fantasy to Reality, that details his life journey. “We can either hang our heads and get thrown around,” says Shane, “or we can hang on tight during the wild ride of life and get where we want.” 

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