Join CMA country music artist Shane Michael Taylor as he celebrates the release of his debut album "I Will Stand" produced by his friend and mentor of 14 years. Despite everyday challenges of severe Cerebral Palsy, Lorna nurtured Shane's songwriting talents that led him to his ultimate dream of releasing an album of his songs as a country music artist.

Shane explains "Instead of a typical release party, we’re planning a benefit show for MusiCares in memory of Lorna at the Listening Room on August 12. I figure since she’s the one who made this possible for me and was virtually my big sister, this would be a way to include her and honor her legacy.

As a songwriter with physical challenges, I thought it would be fitting to honor a fellow songwriter who overcame unthinkable challenges to help and inspire others as Lorna did. I know I’ve got a far way to go to become half the person that Lorna was, but it is my goal to use this album and my story to carry on Lorna’s legacy of being an inspiration to others, especially songwriters, which is why I think that teaming up with The Listening Room Cafe` as well as MusiCares would make for one powerful evening of music..."

Joining Shane on stage for this milestone concert will be Mason Douglas, Eddie Heinzelman, and Justin & Jamie Zimmer with special guests Jack Sundrud and Mark Lonsway.

 Happy June!  Last month, as my album became available for preorder, we focused on our first featured track, "Looking Up To You", a song about letting go yet holding on to loved ones after they leave us in the physical world.  While the album does not release until September, you can instantly download this song as well as four others that will be featured in the coming weeks and months when you preorder the album.  In case you missed any content surrounding the "Looking Up To You", I've linked it all up below:


A reminder that loved ones are never really gone, they're with us every step of the way.





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The lyric video, created by your's truly :)


An in-depth article I wrote about reconnecting with unconditional love:


What to remember when someone's suffering and
we're having trouble letting them go.




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A clip of us live in concert talking about this song:



I'm very excited to announce the final details of my first ever "Shane Michael Taylor's Hometown Salute" concert on October 10 at the Hillside Equestrian Center in Wolcott, CT. The stage is being set for a wonderful night of entertainment, music, and stories. Best yet, all proceeds are going to help the very organization responsible for me discovering my passion for music. That means tickets and donations are tax deductible.

Dear friends,

I know I have been hinting of something big for a while.  The time has come- I've been writing songs for about 18 years. I've been doing the artist thing for at least the past five and getting this album together has been a wild journey.  Thanks to all of the love and support from you, the fans; we are about to take the next step on this amazing journey...

Shane Michael Taylor was the talk of his hometown as the city's newspaper, The Waterbury Republican, published a feature on his budding career in country music and as a motivational speaker in their widely read Sunday edition this past weekend.


West Haven, CT -- On January 21, Country music artist and inspirational author and speaker, Shane Michael Taylor, will deliver the keynote address to student leaders at the University of New Haven's Leadership Day event. The keynote will take place at 10:00am at the Bartels Student Activity Center on the University's main campus in West Haven. Taylor is a native of Waterbury, Connecticut and an alumnus of the University of New Haven.  

You are invited to experience this inspirational session of real life stories and audience participation as Taylor empowers student leaders of all abilities to embrace their passion and believe in themselves. This media opportunity is by special invitation only.

 About Shane Michael Taylor

The University event's theme, Leading Through Adversity, is an everyday motto for Taylor who has led a daily battle to triumph over Cerebral Palsy and achieve his dreams of songwrting, recording an album, and encouraging others as an author and movitational speaker. There’s no such thing as a road block for Shane Michael Taylor. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Shane Michael has been overcoming life's greatest challenges by using his creativity and enthusiasm to inspire and entertain people through his music, book, and lectures about living life to its fullest. Taylor is living proof that it is possible to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Regardless of his physical limitations, Shane Michael Taylor has always believed in his ability to achieve his dreams.   

If you are interested in attending the keynote event and/or scheduling an interview, please contact Carolyn Bork at Richlyn Marketing,

You can visit Shane Michael Taylor online at  Additional photos are available upon request.



Carolyn Bork

Richlyn Marketing, LLC
(508) 269-4739


Country music artist Shane Michael Taylor is preparing for the nationwide release of his inspiring audiobook Living This Rodeo: A Journey from Fantasy to Reality. His courageous life story includes triumphing over cerebral palsy to achieve his dreams of songwriting, recording an album, and encouraging others as a motivational speaker.

Yahoo! Voices' Zachary Fenell reviews Shane Michael Taylor's audio book,  Living This Rodeo.

Garth Brooks, Brooks & Dunn, and Shane Michael Taylor. Any country music fan will easily recognize the names Garth Brooks and Brooks & Dunn. However, the third name will have you asking "Who is Shane Michael Taylor?" Living This Rodeo answers this exact question. In short Shane Michael Taylor is an inspiration. For a more comprehensive answer keep reading.

Tor Constantino author of the popular blog "The Daily Retort" features an interview with Shane Michael Taylor.

An in-depth interview with Shane Michael Taylor written by author Jodi Chapman.

"All of the wonderful things that Shane has achieved in his life would be amazing accomplishments in themselves. What makes them beyond amazing, though, is that he has reached these dreams while living in a body that doesn’t function like most of ours. He was born with a severe case of cerebral palsy, which is a neurological disorder that causes your brain and body to not always be on the same page. Because of this disability, he has had to push himself beyond what even he thought was possible and get creative in how he does things – such as typing with his nose. He doesn’t let his physical disability get in the way of his dreams, and he isn’t defined by this disability. This is such a great lesson for all of us.

Shane’s audiobook, Living This Rodeo, has just been released, and I hope you all listen to it immediately. It’s a memoir of his life thus far, and I guarantee you will be inspired by his words and want to live your best life after hearing it. While listening to it, I felt like I was there with him – feeling elation when he reached a dream and also being brought to tears when sadness and grief entered his life."

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