Recording Artist Shane Michael Taylor Releases Inspiring Audiobook

Posted on August 1, 2012 by Dan Harr

Country music artist Shane Michael Taylor is preparing for the nationwide release of his inspiring audiobook Living This Rodeo: A Journey from Fantasy to Reality. His courageous life story includes triumphing over cerebral palsy to achieve his dreams of songwriting, recording an album, and encouraging others as a motivational speaker.

The two-disc audiobook is a testament to his lifelong philosophy of determination and hope. “I felt the need to put my music career in context since I’m an unconventional artist, in that I do not do my own vocals,” explains Taylor. “I thought I needed to put my backstory out there as a prequel to the album. But more importantly, I wanted to prove that anybody can become whatever they want to be, as long as they believe in themselves and work hard.”

The Connecticut native has received positive press and strong consumer reaction during the limited local release of Living This Rodeo, leading to sales of 1000-plus copies.

Proof of Taylor’s creativity and perseverance, the artist typed the book with his nose, and reached out to his favorite country disc jockey, John “Cadillac” Saville, to record the voice track.

“When people are done listening to my audio book, I hope they find the life they want to live regardless of the challenges,” adds Taylor. “We get bombarded with so much negativity today, that it is easy to get discouraged. It was my goal in writing this book to prove that people can overcome their challenges to achieve their goals and dreams. Believing in yourself is one of the most fundamental keys to a successful life.”

Taylor discovered his love of country music the first time he heard Garth Brooks’ classic anthem “Standing Outside The Fire.” Since then, he has relentlessly pursued a music career. His hard work is paying off with the recent release of his debut single and video “Warrior Cowboy.” His album, I Will Stand, is set to follow in the near future. Taylor wrote every song on the project and sought out the very best singers to express his music.

As a busy motivational speaker, Taylor is living proof that it is possible to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. “We all have challenges in life,” he sums. “And it’s up to us to use those challenges to make us stronger and accomplish what we set out to do.”

The two-disc audiobook, Living This Rodeo: A Journey from Fantasy to Reality, is available at Shane Michael Taylor’s website,, and digital downloads are available at iTunes and CDBaby.

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